About KEY 2 IP

Key 2 IP was founded by the managing members of Broad Communications Solutions, LLC in 2008 with the goal of providing a first class, carrier grade cloud communications platform and migration path to its existing Legacy PBX client base. Lead by some of the industry’s leading solution engineers, Key 2 IP provides Hosted PBX, Hosted Call Center, SIP Trunking and other cloud based communications solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Since its inception Key 2 IP has experienced steady growth. The initial service foot print primarily covering Southern California has expanded to include the entire continental US, Hawaii and most major metropolitan areas in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Why KEY 2 IP?

Hosted PBX or IP Centrex is an enhanced telephone service provided from a network based carrier class IP PBX platform which supports VoIP. Hosted PBX services are usually deployed in conjunction with IP phones, softphones or analog terminal adapters (ATA). These devices utilize client software running against one or more servers connected over the public Internet or, preferably, a private IP-based network. Hosted PBX services deliver advanced communications features without the need of a premise-based telephone system.

Whether you run a small to medium-sized business or manage a large corporation, the chances are you’re already aware of the many benefits a VoIP solution has to offer. The flexibility, savings, simplified infrastructure and advanced features are just a few of the reasons millions of businesses around the world have already adopted its use. While eventual transition to VoIP is inevitable, when and how you transition are critical considerations.

You’ve come to the right place.  Key 2 IP offers the expertise of some of the industry’s leading solution engineers and integrators that will guide you down the migration path and help your business achieve its maximum potential through cloud-based communications solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about Key 2 IP products and services.

Are you tired of manually entering customers’ phone numbers into your CRM? Now you can open a CRM window which will automatically search for your customers, using the inbound Calling Line ID information, with a single click of your mouse. This is accomplished by CRM connector applications which can usually be deployed within minutes. In many cases these applications can provide many other productivity enhancing features such as PC based call handling, Outlook Contact integration, Custom Directories, Click-to-Call, Call Logs, Extension Status and Interoffice Instant Messaging.  Contact us today to learn more!
My Portal is a cloud-based self-service web portal allowing basic users to manage their personal calling features. Administrators have full access and can manage all users and other elements of their telephony environments from any internet browser or Smart Phone. My Portal is included with each user license subscription at no additional fee.
Let’s assume some worst case scenarios: Your building is flooded. Or a fire knocks out power for miles around. Now, let’s assume you have Hosted PBX. Want to know how things would be? Business would go on uninterrupted. Since services are hosted in geo-redundant and secure data centers across the country customers can still connect with your business because employees can work from anywhere. The reason? Preconfigured failover measures and a web-based portal that allows you to quickly forward calls to cell phones or other phones in unaffected locations.

It’s an incredibly fast and easy way to take control of a disastrous situation and ensure that anything major becomes just a minor incident.

As the title implies, all inbound voice mail messages are automatically sent to your email address as a .wav file attachment. With voice mail to email you can easily forward messages to colleagues, archive and play messages on your PC or Smart Phone.
Remote Office turns your cell phone, home phone, or even a hotel room phone into your office phone. The caller ID shown is your office phone number and all inbound calls are directed to your remote phone, whether you are across town or on the other side of the world!
With Key 2 IP Hosted PBX there isn’t a phone system box at your office so, there’s no hardware to upgrade in order to take advantage of new features and technologies. Because your services are cloud-based, upgrades are provided through software changes that happen automatically in the background. It’s this delivery method that keeps your business communications on the cutting edge.
Key 2 IP Hosted PBX is a sure way to give you the peace of mind that comes from not being constrained by a phone system that only supports a fixed number of lines or phones and which can be costly and complicated to expand. With Key 2 IP Hosted PBX if resources are tight, you can quickly scale back. On the other hand, if you open a new branch office or, need to provide remote communications or, just need to prepare for a spike in seasonal demand, it is quick and easy to scale up without any disruption to your business.
Do you find yourself manually answering calls only to place them on hold? With a professional call center you can automate the process of answering, greeting and placing callers in a call queue where they’ll wait for the next available agent. While on hold callers can listen to music or a custom on hold message. Implementing a call center queue will not only enhance your company’s image, it will dramatically improve overall user productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
Create a professional message to greet your customers, configure custom call routing options and automate how calls are handled according to your business hours schedule. Layer multiple Auto Attendants to achieve an even more precise call flow to ensure your clients reach their intended destination, increasing customer satisfaction.

Our Network

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Business Class Network Infrastructure.

Key 2 IP’s VoIP network features first-class engineering and an architecture which minimizes the use of the public Internet and places your VoIP calls one hop away from most major internet carriers. Super-POPs are strategically located in Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. These locations are interconnected with dual gigabit fiber links, creating a redundant VoIP Backbone that provides the absolute highest performance and economics for the transport of VoIP traffic across the United States. In addition, our design and network strategy effectively eliminates packet loss, jitter and latency across the continent and to the PSTN, translating into superior quality and more satisfied customers.

Network Features and Benefits.

Key 2 IP’s state-of-the-art network relies upon professional engineering and superior technology to deliver you the benefits of excellent reliability and high quality. This translates into low cost VoIP services your business can count on.

Our network is purpose-built for redundancy, which maximizes reliability. Through the use of protected, diverse routes and a geographically distributed architecture, we have ensured that all network traffic can be assumed at any time under any conditions. Our redundancy strategy is supported by deploying all software and hardware equipment in paired, redundant configurations such that load-sharing and fail-over mechanisms are in place for any of the Super-POP locations.

We deploy softswitch equipment, boarder control devices and routers at each Super POP location, and have contracted for 100% uptime Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and packet-routing across the least-congested configuration available today. This network engineering allows VoIP traffic carried by our business VoIP services to avoid traversing Internet peering points and their inherent “log jams.” In essence, Key 2 IP is one hop away from every major Internet backbone carrier, thus eliminating a majority of the latency and jitter associated with transporting IP traffic across the public Internet. This secures our customers higher quality VoIP calls.

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