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Open the door to two feature-rich Hosted PBX solutions, featuring pricing models designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enjoy savings and productivity benefits of VoIP without the possibility of obsolescence and hefty investments in equipment. Complete PBX and Select PBX from Key2IP gives you the ability to choose a plan that suits your needs, not the other way around

Optional a la carte Features Dial Tone Standard Premium
Attendant ConsoleThis web-based service enables a user (for example, a receptionist) to monitor a configurable set of users in the user’s business group. This service provides critical call detail and group member status for effective attendant call routing. Entirely web based, this service surpasses legacy PBX consoles, and seamlessly combines with BroadSoft applications such as Auto Attendant, for enhanced attendant solutions.
Auto AttendantThe BroadWorks Auto Attendant provides enterprises with a powerful and flexible tool to field inbound calls and deliver them to the intended destination through interactions with the caller. The BroadWorks Auto Attendant is an integral part of the BroadWorks product offering and does not require an external third-party system.
Basic Call CenterThis service builds on the basic Hunt Group service to provide a complete, business-ready application. Hence, call centers inherit all of the characteristics of the Hunt Group service and are also provided with sophisticated call-handling features like queuing, Music On Hold, and so on.
Enhanced Call CenterThis service is a fully functional Call Center that adds Advanced Agent Monitoring and Queue Management features to the Basic Call Center Queue functionality. Detailed Agent, Queue Statistics, and Service Level reports enable new Call Center Supervisors to monitor and manage the agents and the overall operational health of the Call Center. Up to 1000 Enhanced Call Center Queues can be assigned to a single Call Center Group. Up to 1000 Enhanced Agents and Supervisors can be assigned to a single Enhanced Call Center Queue. This product is deployed in combination with the Enhanced Supervisor License, the Enhanced Agent License and the underlying Premium and Standard hosted PBX seats.
Call Control ToolbarThe Call Control Toolbar provides access to Broadsoft calling services from a toolbar, to provide an application that enables users to make and accept telephone calls and change telephone settings from within Outlook and Internet Explorer.
Call RecordA carrier-grade call recording solution that records inbound and outbound calls and stores them in MPEG format. Access for call administration and user management of recorded calls provided using secure web portal access. Both recorded calls along the CDR information are maintained in the user portal. Each user license includes up to 5000 minutes of recorded calls per license that are stored up to 30 days before deletion. Calls will be recorded only for DIDs specifically assigned to the call recording license. Recorded calls can be downloaded to permanent storage by users prior to deletion.
Conferencing BridgeThe Conferencing service allows group administrators and users to create multi-port conference bridges that can be used by members of the group and external parties to hold scheduled, recurring, non-reservation, and ad-hoc conferences. The usage charge is applied for every party in the conference call on a per minute basis.
Hunt GroupThe Hunt Group service allows incoming calls to a central phone number to be distributed among the members of that group according to a hunting policy.
Instant Group CallThe Instant Group Call (IGC) service allows a user to call a group of members, whereby the system alerts all members in the group. As the members answer, they are joined into a multi-way conference. The Instant Group Call service allows an administrator to define a group composed of a list of member users. These members can be part of the same group or enterprise (specified by user name, extension or location code + extension) or can be external users (specified by a phone number or SIP URI).
IP FaxEvery business needs MoH!
Music on Hold (MoH)Every business needs MoH!
Personal MobilityEnables users to designate a single phone number for all incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of which phone they are currently using (mobile, office PBX, home, etc.) Calls can be seamlessly moved from mobile and fixed phones with a click of a button (aka Follow Me) included
Receptionist Consolean intuitive attendant console that manages high volume call distribution for front-desk operators through remote control of their desk phone. In addition to integrated contact status and messaging, it has many other features that include call statistics and integration into enterprise-level repositories and services. Receptionist Enterprise will support a maximum of 30 static monitored (status constantly monitored) users.
Toll Free NumberA telephone service in which dialing the Toll Free Number is free to the person making the call. The call is billed to the person or company being called.
Voice MailThis service enables users to record messages from callers for calls that are not answered within a specified number of rings, or for calls that receive a busy condition. included included
Total Optional a la carte Features 20 21 21

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