6 01, 2014

Remote Office

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Remote Office turns your cell phone, home phone, or even a hotel room phone into your office phone. The caller ID shown is your office phone number and all inbound calls are directed to your remote phone, whether you are across town or on the other side of the world!

5 01, 2014

Voice Mail to Email


As the title implies, all inbound voice mail messages are automatically sent to your email address as a .wav file attachment. With voice mail to email you can easily forward messages to colleagues, archive and play messages on your PC or Smart Phone.

4 01, 2014

Disaster Recovery

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Let’s assume some worst case scenarios: Your building is flooded. Or a fire knocks out power for miles around. Now, let’s assume you have Hosted PBX. Want to know how things would be? Business would go on uninterrupted. Since services are hosted in geo-redundant and secure data centers across the country customers can still connect [...]