3 01, 2014

My Portal

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My Portal is a cloud-based self-service web portal allowing basic users to manage their personal calling features. Administrators have full access and can manage all users and other elements of their telephony environments from any internet browser or Smart Phone. My Portal is included with each user license subscription at no additional fee.

2 01, 2014

Hosted PBX to CRM Integration

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Are you tired of manually entering customers’ phone numbers into your CRM? Now you can open a CRM window which will automatically search for your customers, using the inbound Calling Line ID information, with a single click of your mouse. This is accomplished by CRM connector applications which can usually be deployed within minutes. In many cases [...]

1 01, 2014

Why KEY2IP Hosted PBX?


“Hosted PBX or IP Centrex is an enhanced telephone service provided from a network based carrier class IP PBX platform which supports VoIP. Hosted PBX services are usually deployed in conjunction with IP phones, softphones or analog terminal adapters (ATA). These devices utilize client software running against one or more servers connected over the public [...]