SIP Trunking

Open the door to a versatile and cost-effective solution that delivers the benefits of VoIP along with Business Continuity solutions while retaining your existing PBX/Key system and Internet connection for both voice and data.

Session Initiation Protocol

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a signaling protocol, commonly used for controlling multimedia communication sessions. This includes voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). SIP can be used for creating, modifying and terminating unicast (two-party) or multicast (multi-party) sessions consisting of one or several media streams. This translates into low cost, feature rich and flexible business class communications.

What Can SIP Trunking Do For Me?

If you manage a business, particularly a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you are probably weighing how you can economically and easily migrate to the benefits of a VoIP solution while not immediately abandoning the substantial investment you have made in your existing PBX/Key system and handsets. SIP Trunking from Key 2 IP is the solution that will give your company the ability to:

  • Purchase a number of flat rate lines to match your communications costs closely to your actual business needs
  • Consolidate your data and voice bills to lower expensive phone bills due to long distance calls and the taxes that go with them
  • Leverage your existing Internet connection for both data and voice
  • Streamline your communications platform and enjoy immediate and significant economic advantages while smoothly transitioning to our VoIP service
  • Provide new generation network to enhance your mobility via the Key 2 IP network

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SIP Implementation

The Leap to IP Communications

Transitioning to VoIP is not as challenging an undertaking as you might expect. Look at a typical “before” scenario. As shown in illustration A, voice and data reside on separate networks within the enterprise site, with separate cost centers and, usually, separate support staff as well. With SIP Trunking implemented at your PBX site, everything changes by leveraging your data connection to concurrently serve both your voice and data needs.

As shown in Illustration B, we show you how you can leverage your existing data connection by utilizing a certified Integrated Access Device (IAD) which is simply installed at your premises, and connects to our proprietary network via our Priority Access service or via a broadband connection like T1 or DSL. This configuration provides you with the necessary amount of trunks with access to Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers nationwide and will also lower your long distance bills and other related fees and taxes.

Business Continuity

In the event of a natural disaster or calamitous event, our Business Continuity solutions make it possible for enterprises to automatically re-route calls to maintain telephone service to any location and any device, including landline phones, and mobile devices. This solution includes simultaneous ringing and sequential ringing to multiple locations, support for telecommuting, and unified voice messaging and single mailbox across multiple technologies.

In the past, implementing a disaster recovery solution such as this was an expensive proposition which only larger enterprises could afford. Now, through our superior network technology, Key 2 IP delivers this valuable solution to small and medium sized businesses via a feature called “Call Forward Not Reachable” which is included with each Premium SIP Trunk at no additional charge. This feature sets Key 2 IP apart from all other low cost VoIP provider.

SIP Trunking Features

*Series Completion included for both Enterprise and added to support PBX analog lines, including Key Systems


Optional a la carte Features SIP Trunking Basic
Alternate Numbers

Auto Attendant

Call Record Basic

Class 5 Feature Package

Conferencing Bridge*

Hunt Group

Instant Group Call*

IP Fax

Personal Mobility

Toll Free Number

Voice Mail

Total Optional a la carte Features 11
* A la carte features are provided as a Hosted PBX service. Some features may conflict with existing PBX services. Please call for more information.
  • Match feature sets to your specific and future needs from the most feature-demanding requirements to basic dial tone services, each including its own dedicated line.
  • Work confidently with a provider that has the experience, the knowledge and the commitment to customer service and support that you need.

Complete PBX is the Ideal Solutions for:

  • Small to Medium sized Business (SMB)
  • Businesses that require a Disaster Recovery solution
  • Businesses that prefer the traditional Hosted PBX pricing model
  • Businesses with users who require their own dedicated line
  • Businesses with Remote Agents, Telecommuters or geographically dispersed offices